Known as “The Gem of the Desert,” La Quinta, CA is among the leading places to live if you want to enjoy a great climate, great golf, and great hospitality. As a La Quinta blinds and shutters supplier, installer, and seller, Vineyard Blinds & Shutter is dedicated to providing great service and value. Nowhere else in southern California will you find a better window covering services.

Vineyard Blinds & Shutter is a veteran owned and operated business specializing in mobile window covering service. Our selection of La Quinta blinds and shutters are manufactured by the best in the industry and we guarantee all of our work, from start to finish. And we offer much more than the competitors and big box stores. For instance:

Free Services

As if “at your door” service isn’t enough, we offer a few free services that are sure to compliment your home or business.

  • Free Estimations – When our La Quinta blinds and shutters specialists come to your home or business, they will review the prospective job from top to bottom and provide you with a 100% free estimation of services. This will include materials and hardware, special considerations, and other factors. We will explain the estimation to you and answer all questions you may have. We love the practice of transparency and we will provide the most accurate estimate as possible.
  • Free Measurements – Unlike a Do It Yourself project, you will not have to worry about doing window measurements yourself. We understand that not everybody is an expert with a tape measure. Our La Quinta blinds and shutters technicians will accurately and quickly measure all windows needing service 100% free of charge. If we mess up, it’s on us and we guarantee that we’ll fix it.
  • Free Installation – Once you have chosen the perfect set of La Quinta blinds and shutters (or shades and custom draperies), we will provide 100% free installation once the window coverings are ready. The whole installation process is usually finished in a day, depending on the scope of the project. Sometimes, multiple days may be required and that will be explained in the free estimation.
  • Free Design Services – Once you have chosen your favorite blinds, shades, shutters, or draperies, you may find that your home or business could stand to be updated. We are one of the only mobile window covering services in southern California to provide 100& free interior design services to our clients. These services include bedding, material, upholstery, and custom draperies. You pay for the material, we do everything else. Our interior designers are licensed and have extensive experience with interior design.

Window Coverings

  • Blinds – Our blinds come in natural wood, faux wood, and composite materials and are available in multiple colors. We carry name brand products with full guarantees.
  • Shutters – Each and every shutter installed by Vineyard Blind & Shutter is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Shutters provide a rustic yet sophisticated aesthetic to your home or business.
  • ShadesShades will help to control energy costs, improve the atmosphere, and compliment the interior of your home or business. Our shades are easy to use, safe, and 100% guaranteed.
  • Custom Draperies – Our draperies are all custom made and expertly matched with the interior design of your home or business. Our draperies are made of the finest and most durable material available yet are still very affordable. Be sure to ask about our 100% interior design services if you choose to cover your windows with draperies.

For La Quinta Blinds and Shutters, Contact Vineyard Blind & Shutter in Southern California

Vineyard Blind & Shutter is known for our superior service and dedication to perfection. We do everything we can think of to make you, our valuable customer, as happy as possible with your window covering solution. We literally bring the showroom to your living room with our mobile service and our technicians are knowledgeable;, professionals, and cordial. If at all you are unsatisfied with your purchase, services, or experience, we’ll do everything we can to make it right. As a veteran owned and operated business, we know that our word is only as good as our actions. That is why we  provide world class products, unbeatable warranties, and enthusiastic service. That is how things are done at Vineyard Blind & Shutter.

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