Window Coverings in San Diego

Are you having trouble keeping the bright sunlight out of your California home? Are you looking for window coverings in San Diego that can give you more privacy and block the sun, while retaining style? Window coverings, second to painting a room, can completely change the design of a room. They can also provide privacy, reduce energy costs, and protect your furniture from the harmful rays of the Sun. If you live in California, it is important to have window coverings that will reduce the heat from the sun while still maintaining style and privacy in your home. Vineyard Blind & Shutter has created a wonderful selection of window coverings in SaBeautiful Golden Shades - Wildomar Custom Shadesn Diego that will fit all of your home decor needs. Window coverings that block sunlight are just one of the top reasons to keep all the rooms in your home properly dressed with appropriate window coverings in San Diego. Windows that are covered by just a simple medium toned shade with a plastic back can reduce the solar heat gain in your home by 33 percent (Forbes 2014). This reduction of heat gain can cut your energy bills dramatically just by making this simple adjustment.


Not sure what window coverings will be the right fit for your home? Vineyard Blind & Shutter can help you decide on what will be best for your home and decor needs. At our showrooms we have a wide variety of  the following types window coverings in San Diego:

  • Blinds and Shutters
  • Shutters
  • Shades
  • Custom Draperies


Blinds can be a simple or dramatic window covering to block out the sunlight in your home. Having blinds allows you to have the desired amount of privacy, sunlight and ventilation that you want in that particular room. The better quality the blind, the better amount of heat gain that will be reduced in your home. Whether you are looking for vertical or horizontal window coverings in San Diego, the best way to save energy is with a lighter colored blind. Opt for white, cream, or any light color that will reflect the sunlight that comes through the window.


Vineyard Blind & Shutter offers top of the line shutters that provide privacy and helps to reduce or increase the amount of sunlight that enters your home. Our window coverings in San Diego are not only beautiful, but ecologically friendly. At Vineyard Blind & Shutter we are proud to sell SUNLAND SHUTTERS® – a company that is dedicated to the architecture and dependability of every window covering.Wooden Kitchen Blinds - Southern California Window Coverings


According the Department of Energy, shades are one of the most effective window coverings in San Diego to block sunlight from entering the home (Forbes 2014). Vineyard Blind & Shutter offers stylish and affordable shades for any room that will help to reduce your energy bill. Getting a dual sided shade is the most desirable type of window covering for your home.  A lighter window covering will block sunlight from entering during warmer months and a darker window covering will help to absorb the heat in colder months.

Custom Draperies

Not only can custom draperies be a fun window covering to spice up your home, but with the right color and material, window coverings in San Diego can help to insulate your home. They can also keep the heat and the harmful sun rays from entering your home. As mentioned before, window coverings with a lighter back can help to block the sunlight from entering your home. When getting custom made draperies from Vineyard Blind & Shutter, request a white plastic back to be put on the fabric of your desired window covering.This will help to reduce the cost of your energy bill. In the winter, those same Vineyard Blind & Shutter window coverings that you chose will help to keep you warm by insulating your home.brown draperies - Southern California Window Coverings

While all of our window coverings in San Diego can help to reduce the amount of sunlight that enters your home. Choosing the right window coverings for your home can sometimes be a daunting task. It doesn’t have to be when you buy from Vineyard Blind & Shutter, we offer many great services to help make your decision a little easier. One of the services that we offer are interior design services, that are performed by a professional interior designer at no extra charge to you. Having a design expert for window coverings in San Diego can help to assist you on the best window covering choice for your home. Whether you’re decorating a bedroom or a sunroom, Vineyard Blind & Shutter can help to get you started.

Window Coverings For Bedrooms

Choosing window coverings for such an intimate space, such as the bedroom, is a breeze when choosing Vineyard Blind & Shutter to help to design your space. Even if you decide to not use this free service it is still important to choose window coverings in San Diego for your bedroom that will go with the decor of the room.Beautiful Draperies - Southern California Window Coverings

Let’s start with the basics. Why do we need window coverings in San Diego for the bedroom? First off, privacy is of the utmost importance when choosing a window covering for the bedroom. All window coverings offer some sort of privacy, but determining how much is up to the individual. How you design your room will help to determine what blinds, shutters, shades, draperies or a mixture of window coverings will best fit your space.

Designing The Bedroom With Window Coverings

When designing your San Diego bedroom. There are some tried and true formulas of window covering combinations that just work. For bedrooms, you will find that most people like to have options with their window coverings so they can set a certain mood. This means they usually will use a combination of window coverings. Some classic window covering designs include:

  • Light Blinds and Dark Curtains: Many times this a great option for minimalist room. The light colored shades (either bamboo or some other light colored material) provide privacy, but will still allow some light to break through when it is time to wake up. The contrast of the dark curtains, not only provide an interesting focal point, but also provide added privacy, sun protection, and insulation.
  • Light Shutters and Light Curtains: If you are going for more of a French Country feel for the design of your bedroom, this is great combination for you. Even though both parts are light in color, having the shutters in your San Diego bedroom will block the sunlight and create complete privacy in your bedroom. Adding the sheer curtains to the shutters, for the window covering for your bedroom, makes the room feel more inviting and romantic.
  • Dark Shades and Light Curtains: Dark shades in the bedroom allow complete control of the amount of light that enters the room. The light colored curtains, with or without a custom design, can create a “frame” around the beautiful shades. This more modern take on a classic combination will definitely add a “wow” factor to your bedroom.
  • Dark Shutters and Dark Curtains: Dark shutters and rich colored custom drapery for your bedroom window coverings can add a dramatic finish to any bedroom. Lush fabric and rich colors will add depth and mystery to your bedroom. Not only will this dramatic combination keep the sun from filtering into your room, but you can be sure that your room will stay insulated by the rich and heavy fabric.

Another thing to consider, is that window coverings in San Diego can be used for more than just the windows. Closets can be dressed up with custom drapery if the doors are missing or in bad shape. Covering closets with a curtain is a chic way to dress up a room and keeps a potentially messy closet from being seen.

If you’re still not sure what type of window coverings that you want for your bedroom, Vineyard Blind & Shutter is happy to provide you with an interior designer, at no extra charge. Not only will our interior designer help you to find the perfect window coverings in San Diegobeautiful draperies - Southern California Window Coverings for your home, but we are happy to provide our customers with additional free services that include:

  • Free Measuring
  • Free Estimates
  • Free Installation

These additional services that Vineyard Blind & Shutter provides, make finding the perfect window coverings for your San Diego bedroom a breeze. We want to make sure that all of the rooms in your home have the proper shading so that you can reduce sun damage and costs, while retaining the privacy you deserve. Most rooms in the home are pretty straight forward as to what window coverings they will require. Some rooms, like a sunroom for example, can be a little harder to cover. Vineyard Blind & Shutter has the right window coverings for even difficult rooms such as these.

Window Covering for Sunrooms

Sunrooms are a wonderful addition to any home and are created to let the sunlight in. But what about for the times when you don’t want the sunlight in? Either because you need a little more privacy or the heat from the sunlight is just too much. Window coverings in San Diego can help to block the sunlight from entering your sunroom and potentially ruining your furniture. Vineyard Blind & Shutter carries only the finest window coverings for your sunroom, including shutters, shades, blinds and custom made draperies.

Shutters For Sunrooms

Sunrooms can get hot. Even with high quality glass, the heat from the sun will make it through the windows, into the house, making this room unbearably hot sometimes. Having the proper window coverings in San Diego is a simple and cost effective way to curb this potential heat wave. Vineyard Blind & Shutter provides high quality shutters made by top industry manufacturers.elegant shutters - san diego shutters

We are proud to carry one of the best brands of shutters for a sunroom, the Sunland Polycore® Shutters. These high performance shutters will add charm to any home. They are ecologically friendly shutters that are durable against any chipping or warping that can be caused by heat and moisture, making them a perfect solution for sunroom window coverings in San Diego. Using a uniquely baked on waterborne paint finish is what keeps these shutters flame retardant and water resistant. Sunland Polycore® Shutters have received the GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality and the GREENGUARD Children & Schools certifications and these innovative shutters also carry a 25 year limited warranty! These shutters are the only window coverings in San Diego that are fully reinforced with aluminum on the market today.

Shades For Sunrooms

Shades can transform a sunroom from drab to fab, instantly. There are different styles of shades to choose from depending on your sunrooms decor and what your prefer for your window coverings in San Diego. Vineyard Blind & Shutter carries a variety of shade styles including:

  • Roman Shades
  • Honeycomb Shades
  • Roller Shades
  • Pleated Shades
  • Woven Wood shades
  • Horizontal and Vertical Shades
  • Averte Shades

Whatever your design style Vineyard Blind & Shutter can help you to choose the best window coverings for your San Diego sun room.beautiful white living room shades - Southern California Window Coverings

Custom Drapes For Sunrooms

Sunrooms with a view are an added bonus to any home. The window coverings in San Diego that you choose to dress it up with can make a statement all on their own. Custom Drapes made by Vineyard Blind & Shutter are comparably cheaper to any local Home Improvement stores, plus we provide free measuring and installation. If you’re not sure exactly how you would like your sunroom to be decorated you can always utilize our interior designer services at no extra charge to you. We want to make sure that we leave you with the view that drew you into your home in the first place. We make sure our window covering design doesn’t take away from the design of the sunroom, but helps to enhance it. Custom drapes for a sunroom are a perfect option, especially for keeping the heat of the sun in or out depending on the time of year.


At Vineyard Blind & Shutter, we are happy to provide top quality window coverings in San Diego at an affordable price. Whether you want to block out the sun to save money or your furniture from the damaging sun rays or you’re looking for a way to dress up your bedroom or sunroom, we have everything you need. Our expertly trained staff can help you to choose what will work best for your home by measuring and installing your window coverings for free.  You can get started today by speaking with one of our skilled design consultants about the perfect window coverings for your San Diego home. We are veteran owned and operated and are proud to offer discounts to the men and women who served in the armed forces. We also offer senior discounts and monthly discounts throughout the year.