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The Perfect Shutters for Southern California

Shutters should accent your windows and bring a bit of style to the home, and Vineyard Blind & Shutter offers quality shutters at affordable prices. With our shutters, you get a custom fit to each window in your Southern California home and a variety of styles to choose from as well.

Let your shutters become a stylish accent to your home with any one of Vineyard Blind & Shutter’s styles. Our custom quality shutters provide your home with superior sun protection, light control and privacy. Choose from our wide variety of styles to find the perfect one to fit your home. We even offer the newest styles in bypass and bi-fold shutters.

The style and quality that you want for your windows is affordable through Vineyard. Through innovative research and quality craftsmanship, we have improved our products to ensure quality that will add timeless style and charm to any home. With Vineyard, you’ll get the same name-brand window coverings for less than at big home improvement centers or other independent dealers.

Not only do we have great quality products, but we also have great services. We include FREE measuring, FREE installation of your product, and an interior designer to help answer questions and make sure your product looks great—all at no extra cost! At Vineyard Blinds & Shutters in Southern California, our commitment is to offer the best price and customer service along with the best quality product in our industry. Check out our selection today!

Our Prices Can’t Be Beat!

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Vineyard Blind & Shutter only works with the most respected shutter manufactures in the industry. If you currently have plantation shutters, or are in the market to purchase shutters in Murrieta for the first time, there is a great chance that we will be able to provide you with exactly what you’re looking for. We currently offer shutters through Sunland Shutters®, Norman Shutters®, Hunter Douglas® and a few other regional suppliers.


Sunland Shutters® is dedicated to enhancing the architectural beauty and functionality of every window. Through innovative research and quality craftsmanship they consistently create high performance shutters that add timeless style and charm to any home.

Sunland Lexwood® basswood shutters are manufactured utilizing a unique process that combines old-world hand craftsmanship with cutting edge technology to offer precision design and consistent quality control. Coupled with our large variety of water-based paints and stains, Lexwood® premium Basswood shutters are the finest and most elegant custom wood shutters on the market.

Sunland Polycore® Shutters offer a combination of performance, style and integrity unlike any other window covering. There unique baked on waterborne paint finish contributes to the formation of a beautiful and ecologically friendly shutter that is durable against chips, cracks, and warping. This allows them to create a shutter that is moisture resistant, and flame retardant. This makes it a perfect product for bathrooms, kitchens or other humid or warm climates.

Polycore® Shutters feature an unprecedented 25 year limited Warranty and have received the GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality and the coveted GREENGUARD Children & Schools certifications. This means that there shutters have passed an extensive series of tests to ensure that they meet stringent third- party standards for low chemical emissions based on established health standards.

Sunland Polycore® Shutters are the only fully aluminum reinforced shutters available in the world today. After a decade of research and development Sunland was able to perfect a co-extrusion process that allows them to manufacture aluminum reinforced components in all of the shutter panel components.

Sunland Polycore® Features

Shutter Frame

The shutter frame is a profile used to frame the shutter panels. Frames provide a square and even mounting structure for the panels, which can compensate for an out of square opening. They also offer superb light blockage, and add a decorative trim to the window opening. There are currently 10 different frame styles to choose from.

By-pass Panels

By-pass panels are two or more panels mounted on an overhead track system that slide past one an-other. These are ideal to cover large openings such as sliding glass doors and can often be used as room dividers. Please reference our photo gallery to view photos.


Tilt Rod

A tilt rod is located in the center of the panel and coordinates the movement of the louvers by connecting them to one another. When opening the louvers, pull down on a louver but do not pull on the tilt rod.

Split Tilt

This refers to a divided tilt rod. Instead of one continuous tilt rod, the rod is split so that sections of louvers can operate independently off each other. This achieves the same purpose of a divider rail, without the insertion of the divider rail

Divider Rail

A divider rail is something placed between the top and bottom rail to add structure and integrity to the panel. The divider rail also enables the louvers in the upper section to move independently form those in the lower section.

Hidden Tilt

The term Hidden Tilt refers to a hidden aluminum rod along the back of a shutter that connects and coordinates the movement of the louvers. With this design, there is no need for a tilt rod. This gives the front of the shutter a clean look. The shutters can still be easily opened by rotating an individual louver.


Louvers are the panel Components that rotate to offer control over light and view. The larger louver provides a greater view through the shutter when the louvers are open. They currently offer three louver sizes to choose from, they include 4 ½, 3 ½ and 2 ½ Louver blade styles.


The Polycore® shutter is available in 5 colors ranging from ultra-white to off-white.